Opening the Dam – Mortgage Note

They’re back!  Late night infomercials are once again seeking the gullible to talk about how easy it is to make money in real estate with little risk.  The newspaper headlines help them, with announcements of skyrocketing housing prices and values reaching their peak in cities like Denver and Dallas.  Savvy investors and mortgage note buyers know that almost all of this boom can be attributed to actions of the Fed.  Their actions include keeping interest rates low, feeding trillions of dollars of “free” money into the economy to create the illusion of prosperity, and assuring everyone who will listen that Read More

Guessing Housing’s Next Steps – Buy Mortgage Notes

Using the word “guessing” is not something that you see among writers and commentators these days.  Most of them, using data confirming their theory and ignoring all other facts, state with conviction what will happen next with the general economy, the housing market, or most anything else.  After all, the general public doesn’t want wishy-washy “what-if” discussions – they want concrete statements that they can either agree with or else wave off as a disagreeable political statement.  Investors, in particular, want to hear the opinions of gurus so that they can grab that stock, buy mortgage notes, or purchase a Read More

What is a Business Note

A business note is similar to a real estate note except that the collateral is mostly an actual business rather than real estate.  Uh huh, so tell me again what is a business note?  Okay, let’s try an example where Shelly Seller decides to sell her printing business to Bobby Buyer.  Shelly leases the property where the property is located, and thinks that the business and its assets are worth $300,000.  Bobby agrees to the price but he does not have $300,000 available and cannot get a loan from his local bank, so seemingly has no way to buy the Read More

What Is A Mortgage Note

Mortgage Note Basics If you have a mortgage, you also have a mortgage note. At Seascape Capital, we understand that the real estate financing process can be confusing and complicated, but we strive to walk you through the process so that you have a more enjoyable and beneficial experience. One of the most common questions that we receive is what is a mortgage note. Well… basically a mortgage note may also be called a promissory note or a real estate lien note. It is the written agreement that a property owner signs when taking out a mortgage. The mortgage note Read More

Fake Recovery Means Little Reform — Mortgage Notes

Over the past several years, the U.S. has emerged from the depths of a recession to a full-fledged fake recovery.  On the housing side, real estate investors, buyers of mortgage notes, and Wall Street have seen the good ‘ol days return as home prices zoom once again.  In earlier articles in this space, I’ve discussed at length why this recovery is not real and has been orchestrated by huge amounts of government spending.  This spending and poor financial leadership at the highest levels seems to be leading to an entirely new bubble. However, there is another big downside to this Read More