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Understanding the Hypothecation Loan in Real Estate and Mortgages

There are numerous phrases and ideas in real estate and mortgages that might be perplexing. Hypothecation is one such phrase. This article will define hypothecation, explain how it is used, why it is utilized, and compare it to other legal concepts like mortgages, assignments, and liens. What is the definition of hypothecation in real estate?

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What is a balloon payment mortgage?

The largest investment most people make in their lifetime is buying a house. Beyond the obvious items like finding a house that you like in a good neighborhood, you will want to find a mortgage loan that is appropriate for you. A balloon payment mortgage is one choice that prospective homeowners can take into account.

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Contract Alienation Clause: Understanding the Consequences

Contracts are a critical component of the business sector since they serve as lawfully enforceable agreements between parties. Each contract contains a few arrangements that outline the agreement’s terms and each party’s commitments. One example of such a provision is the alienation clause found in most property loan agreements. In this post, we are going

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Should I Keep or Sell My Mortgage Note?

Evaluating whether or not to keep your mortgage note can be a difficult decision. Alan Noblitt from Seascape Capital walks you through the benefit and risks of holding off or selling your mortgage note. Learn the some of the things to consider when making the choice.

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Where Do Home Prices Go Next

Over the past five years, much of the home buying and propping up of home prices in the U.S. has been driven by large institutional investors.  Hedge funds, real estate investment trusts, private equity firms, and similar institutional investors have spent more than $20 billion in just the last two years to buy about 200,000

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