Creating a Mortgage Note

The articles teach those who are interested on how to create a mortgage note, items to consider when dealing with a mortgage note buyer, and how partials work.  The article have been published in the periodicals of numerous county bar associations, realtor groups, and builder/developer organizations throughout the U.S.   Seascape Capital has been buying mortgage notes and sharing valuable information with the industry since 2002.

All articles, posts and content on this website are copyrighted by Seascape Capital Inc. and may not be reprinted, duplicated, or used without the company’s written permission.

For more information about the articles or to discuss the specifics of your real estate note, please call Alan at 1-858-208-7776.


Written by Alan Noblitt

Alan Noblitt is the President of Seascape Capital, LLC, and works as both a real estate note buyer and a business note broker. Alan has an MBA from Arizona State University, a B.S. from the University of Wyoming, and is licensed as a California Real Estate Note Buyer.
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