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Would you like to receive money now from a promissory note that you hold on real estate or on a business? We are mortgage note buyers who can assist you to turn that future income into cash today. Seascape Capital is a trusted, service-oriented company with the highest possible ranking from the Better Business Bureau.   We are recognized nationally as one of the top note buyers, as we will always get you the best price and keep you informed every step of the way.

What is a Mortgage Note?
* A mortgage note is a type of promissory note showing the terms of an owner-financed sale of a property.
* The terms include the interest rate, duration of payments, payment amount, due date of first payment, what happens in case of a non-payment, etc.
* A mortgage note is sometimes called a real estate note, a deed of trust note, or simply a promissory note — they are basically the same for most purposes.  A contract for deed is similar in most respects to a deed of trust or mortgage, though it is uncommon in most states.
* The note is the “I.O.U.” while the deed of trust or mortgage pledges the property as collateral for the sale.

What is a Business Note?
* A business note includes the first two elements shown in the above mortgage note description but the collateral is a business.
* A business note may or may not include real estate.  To make your note most marketable, we recommend that you separate it into separate notes — one for the real estate and a separate one for the business.
* Business notes are much riskier than mortgage notes because the collateral may be difficult to sell in the case of default.  Thus, the pricing for selling a business note will not be as attractive compared with that of a real estate note.
* A good business note will follow all of the parameters shown on the business notes page.

If you have a mortgage note, a trust deed note, a business note, or any other type of promissory note that you are considering selling , you can reach us toll-free at 1-800-634-4697.  If you prefer, you can fill out the online form or use our easy email form here.  Regardless of how you want to communicate with us, we will almost always get back to you in less than four hours.

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