• Pay off debt, taxes, college expenses, etc.
  • Avoid dealing with late payments, property taxes, and insurance
  • Invest the money in other opportunities

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We will ask you to provide information about the note and the property, as well as request a copy of the note. If the price is acceptable to you, we begin our due diligence process. We pay for all the expenses, so the price is net to you!

Why You SHOULD contact Seascape Capital?

Here are several things to consider when choosing the right Texas mortgage note buyer:

  • Experience – Has the company or individual been working in the mortgage note buying business full time for at least five years, and do they seem to know what they are talking about?

  • Real Estate Licensing – Although this is not legally required in most states, a licensed individual is more likely to be professional and competent.

  • Better Business Bureau accreditation or similar – This demonstrates a higher level of integrity and customer satisfaction. Seascape Capital has an A+ rating from the BBB, and has never had a complaint filed.

  • No History of Scams – Do an Internet search on the company, as well as consulting “rip-off reporting” websites to make sure that the company is not listed negatively on those types of sites.

  • Trust your gut feeling on whether the individual is trustworthy and likely to put your interests first.


Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alan Noblitt and I have over 30 years of financial experience that I put to work for every person I talk with.  My success has been driven by helping people wanting to gain the financial freedom they desire through a mortgage note solution that helps them.

I have found that people basically want two things when it comes to their financial situation.  First, they want to eliminate or at the very least reduce debt and burdens that are creating stressors for them.  Second, they are looking for a way to not only gain more wealth but a way to use that wealth to positively impact their long term financial situation. 

While there are certainly a large number of Texas mortgage note buyers and note brokers across the U.S., a small subset of them has the competence, experience, honesty, and financial capability to be able to serve you well.  Above, you can see items to consider in finding a great mortgage note buyer who will be the best choice for your deed of trust note, as well as how to get started.


If you sold a property in Texas and are now carrying a promissory note, you may have heard about the possibility of selling your note to one of a multitude of Texas mortgage note buyers. Above, we discussed finding a great note buyer who will be the best choice for you.

But first, let’s back up a bit. If you have a strong real estate note on a good property, why would you want to sell it to one of the aforementioned Texas mortgage note buyers? Well, maybe you don’t. If you expect the property buyer to always pay well, you do not have a need for a lump sum of cash anytime soon, have enough free time to make sure that property taxes and insurance are current, and are comfortable with handling the issues if there is a default and need for foreclosure, then you may want to hold on to the note for now. You always have the option of selling it later.

Perhaps you have decided that you do want to sell the real estate note, or at least check into it further. You may have never really wanted to offer owner financing in the first place or no longer wish to spend the required time babysitting the note. Whatever the reason, you will want to find a Texas note buyer that you can trust and that will give you the best price.


Robert V.
Robert V.

The whole transaction was smooth and easy. Alan helped me through each step and answered all of my questions. If I had another RE note I would use them again.

Donna E.
Donna E.

I recently completed a transaction with Seascape Capital and was completely pleased with the service and outcome. Mr. Noblitt was professional, friendly and honest every step of the way. I would most certainly use their services again or...

Tiffany H.
Tiffany H.

I found seascape capital doing a search for mortgage note buyers and after getting numerous offers from other companies I decided on seascape capital. Alan contacted me quickly and was able to put together an offer higher than the competitors. He...

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