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Banks and other financial institutions are often not the best way to finance a home sale.  Many homeowners use seller financing to simplify and speed up the sale of their house.  Once they have received a few payments, they have to make a decision between “do I want to sell my New Mexico note” or “do I want to keep it”?  Regardless of what a note holder eventually chooses to do with their note, they should start the sale transaction by following these guidelines:


  • If selling a commercial property, try to get at least a 20% down payment
  • For selling a house to a person who is going to live there, a minimum 10% down payment is best
  • Make an effort to sell to a person with a credit score no lower than 650
  • Have a title company or attorney prepare all of the documents to avoid any later issues.



Now that you have sold the property and collected a few payments, you may have decided that you would prefer to receive a lump sum of cash now rather than wait years to collect all of the payments.  Find a note buyer with an A+ accreditation rating by the Better Business Bureau and whom you feel you can trust.  When you contact that note buyer, be prepared to answer questions about:


  • The size, condition, and history of the property
  • Financial elements like the sales price, down payment, and interest rate
  • The credit and occupation of the buyer


Before getting too far along with the note buyer, ask that person if they are a licensed real estate broker in their home state, and verify it if they say yes.  Being licensed shows a higher level of competency and commitment.



Once you and the mortgage note buyer have reached an agreement upon price and they have checked the buyer’s credit, the sales process is basically:


  1. You submit copies of all of your documents related to the transaction, and the note buyer reviews them.
  2. They will then order a drive-by appraisal and a title commitment, usually at their expense
  3. You will sign documents to assign over your note
  4. The buyer records the assignment and wires the funds to you


Seascape Capital has purchased a number of New Mexico notes, is fully licensed, and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.


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