While housing prices in Florida are, on average, lower than those in states like New York or California, there is a wide span of housing values depending on the location and characteristics of a house.  As Florida attracts a lot of retirees, the average resident age (41) is in the top five of U.S. states.  Floridians tend to sell a lot of properties using owner financing and to create mortgage notes.  If you are interested in learning more about Florida real estate trends, visit here.


If you sold a Florida property using owner financing, you may be considering selling your note.  A knowledgeable note buyer will tell you that the value of your note is determined by factors such as:


  • Type and condition of property
  • Location
  • Credit history of the buyer
  • Amount of down payment
  • Payment history



Before you call a note buyer, you will need to check your documents to be sure that you have the needed facts like:


  • Date of sale and due of first payment
  • Sales price
  • Down payment amount
  • Terms of the note like the interest rate and the number of years that it runs
  • Details about the property


Call 2-3 note buyers, and pick one that you feel seems trustworthy and will give you a good price.  You can see the elements of an honest and competent note buyer elsewhere on this site.



Here is the general process involved in selling your note.


  1. You contact a good note buyer and provide the needed information
  2. Within one business day, we will give you an offer to buy all or some of the remaining payments
  3. If the price is acceptable to you, we will check the buyer’s credit and ask you to send copies of many of your documents
  4. Next, we conduct a drive-by appraisal of the property and request a title search, both at our expense.
  5. Once the above is done, we send you documents to take assignment of the note, you sign them, and the money is wired to you within a day or two.

From the time that you send us copies of your documents until we send you the money is usually 3-4 weeks.


Seascape Capital is a buyer of notes nationwide and has been involved with hundreds of Florida notes.


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