• Pay off debt, taxes, college expenses, etc.
  • Avoid dealing with late payments, property taxes, and insurance
  • Invest the money in other opportunities

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How to choose the right note buyer for California real estate!

Here are several things to consider when choosing the right California mortgage note buyer:

  • Experience – Check to ensure that the note buying company has been in business for at least five years, and is competent to answer your questions and get you what you need.

  • Real Estate Licensing – Deed of Trust Note brokers in California are required to be licensed as real estate brokers in the state. Most out-of-state brokers are not licensed and are therefore operating illegally.  You can verify whether a person is licensed by going to the California Department of Real Estate website.

  • Accreditation – Check the online reviews of the company before signing any forms to make sure that the company is trustworthy and will be responsive to your needs. Seascape Capital has always had an A+ rating and 5 stars from the Better Business Bureau, and has all positive reviews on Google and Facebook.

  • No history of problems – Use your search engine or check consumer-focused websites to be certain that past customers have not had issues with a company

  • Trust Your Instincts – When you talk with the mortgage note buyer, make sure that you can trust them and have a feeling that they will look out for your best interests.


Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alan Noblitt, and I started Seascape Capital in California in 2002. With my over 30 years of experience in finance and real estate, I am more than capable of helping you with any of your note sale needs.

When people call me, they typically want one of three things. First, they may want to reduce debt or pay off some expenses that have been hanging over their heads. Second, they want to take the note sale proceeds to invest in other areas or to buy a business. Third, they really don’t want to mess with all of the details that come with holding a note, such as collecting the payments and making sure that insurance and property taxes are current.

You can rest assured that I will listen to what you need and provide a solution to help. Only a small number of deed of trust note buyers and brokers have the service orientation, competence, experience, and integrity to serve you well.

California note buyers and note holders are like those in other states, though we must deal with more volatile housing prices and tighter regulations. The property type for a note can be a house, a commercial building, a parcel of improved land, or even a church. Regardless of property type, California note buyers like Seascape Capital will determine the riskiness of a particular note investment opportunity and offer to buy all or some of the remaining payments left on that note. Some of the main factors to be considered are the credit rating of the payer, the amount of equity in the property, terms of the note, and attractiveness of the property itself.

Whether you decide to sell a note is dictated by factors such as your current financial condition and whether you have the time, money, and willingness to manage issues that could come with the note. Some people never wanted to carry a note in the first place or their situations have changed. As noted above, holding a note requires certain responsibilities to protect yourself.


Robert V.
Robert V.

The whole transaction was smooth and easy. Alan helped me through each step and answered all of my questions. If I had another RE note I would use them again.

Donna E.
Donna E.

I recently completed a transaction with Seascape Capital and was completely pleased with the service and outcome. Mr. Noblitt was professional, friendly and honest every step of the way. I would most certainly use their services again or...

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Tiffany H.

I found seascape capital doing a search for mortgage note buyers and after getting numerous offers from other companies I decided on seascape capital. Alan contacted me quickly and was able to put together an offer higher than the competitors. He...


If you are considering selling a house in California with owner financing, be sure to work with one of the very few California note buyers who are licensed in the state. That real estate broker license shows you that the person has a high level of competence and is operating legally in the state.

The goal of California note buyers is simply to buy high quality mortgage notes that will provide a reasonable rate of return over a long period of time. You can learn a lot about creating a note, how a note is priced, and the basics of the process by looking at the many articles and videos available on this website. All of them are available to you at no charge.

The deed of trust note is created when a person or company sells a property to a willing buyer using owner financing. The property type can be a house, a commercial building, a parcel of improved land, or even a church or gas station. As long as the property has a reasonable value and serves as the collateral, a note can be created when the property is sold.

Regardless of property type, a California note buyer will determine the riskiness of a particular note investment opportunity and offer to buy all or some of the remaining payments left on that note. Some of the main risk factors to be considered are the credit rating of the payer, the amount of equity in the property, the terms of the note, and the attractiveness of the property itself.


When you are ready to sell your note, you would normally provide the potential buyer of the note with information about the property and the financials. You should expect to receive one or more offers for the note within one to two business days. If you like the offer, you would then provide the requested documents, and the note buying company would review those documents, have the property appraised, and do a title search. At the end of that process, you would sign documents prepared by the note buying company, and receive your payment either the same day or within a few business days via a wire transfer.

A note buyer, whether in California, Texas, North Carolina, or any other state, makes money by collecting what are usually monthly payments of both principal and interest.

The profits come from the interest rate associated with that note and the difference between the balance of the note and how much the buyer actually invested at that time (called the discount). Since the buyer of the note has to invest a large sum of money upfront, he or she usually does not enjoy any true profits for a long period of time. The main risk to the note buyer is if the borrower stops making payments. If the property has decreased in value due to either market conditions or due to heavy damage to the structure, the buyer of the note can lose money.

Foreclosure costs and repair costs can be quite high and take many months or even years to resolve.


You will know that you have been successful if you are able to sell your note at a fair price, and if the note buyer demonstrated a high level of expertise, acted with full integrity, and kept you updated through the process. Since most note holders only sell one note in their lifetime, it is important to find the right company the first time. You should check out the prospective note buyer for reviews on Google and on the Better Business Bureau, as well as doing an online search to make sure that the company will be a good fit for you.

Seascape Capital is a nationwide note buyer and one of the best known of all California note buyers. Call Seascape Capital today for more information on how to sell your mortgage note at 1-800-634-4697 or fill out our mortgage application to sell your note.

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