• Pay off debt, taxes, college expenses, etc.
  • Avoid dealing with late payments, property taxes, and insurance
  • Invest the money in other opportunities

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Why You Should Contact Seascape Capital

  • History Check – Look online at consumer-focused and scam-reporting websites to make sure that the individual or company you are working with is not listed.

  • Experience – Make sure that the Arizona note buyer works full-time at the job and has been doing it for at least five years. This indicates a higher level of competence.  A bonus is if they live and work in Arizona, as Seascape Capital does.

  • Licensing – Although mortgage note buyers and brokers are not required to be licensed real estate brokers in Arizona or most other states, proper licensing in at least one state shows that the person has good industry knowledge and has a higher level of dedication.

  • Accreditation – As in #1 above, look online with the Better Business Bureau and the top search engines to be certain that the company is well rated. Seascape Capital has carried an A+ rating and 5 stars with the BBB since the beginning.

  • Your opinion – Trust what your own instincts tell you about the trustworthiness, competence, and customer service orientation of the note buying company.


Let me introduce myself…

My name is Alan Noblitt, and I live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. Although I started Seascape Capital in 2002, I have worked in finance and real estate jobs for an even longer period of time, including for a large multi-national corporation.

On a typical day, note holders call me wanting one of three things. First, they want to escape a problem like debt or cash shortfalls. Second, they don’t have the time or expertise to manage the note, including making sure that insurance and property taxes are kept current, so they want to offload the note. Third, they have other opportunities to invest such as starting a new business or trying alternative investments.


Robert V.
Robert V.

The whole transaction was smooth and easy. Alan helped me through each step and answered all of my questions. If I had another RE note I would use them again.

Donna E.
Donna E.

I recently completed a transaction with Seascape Capital and was completely pleased with the service and outcome. Mr. Noblitt was professional, friendly and honest every step of the way. I would most certainly use their services again or...

Tiffany H.
Tiffany H.

I found seascape capital doing a search for mortgage note buyers and after getting numerous offers from other companies I decided on seascape capital. Alan contacted me quickly and was able to put together an offer higher than the competitors. He...


Despite the slightly increased risk and volatility of certain markets, Arizona deed of trust note buyers want to purchase the best quality real estate notes at attractive prices that will work for both the buyer and for the note holder. No matter what the property type (residential, commercial, land), the buyer of the Arizona note will always determine the riskiness of the note by examining the payer’s credit, condition of the property, amount of down payment, terms of the note, etc., and will then make an offer to buy either all or some of the remaining payments.


Whether the note buyer serves Arizona or any other state, they make money by regularly collecting payments of principal and interest. More specifically, the deed of trust note buyer ensures profitability by collecting both the interest listed on the face value of the note and the difference between the note balance and the amount paid (called the discount). This buyer puts in a large sum of money at the beginning, so it will take years to get back that money and start making real profits.

Thus, the note buying company will want to be as certain as possible that the property could be made marketable and that the payer on the note is likely to continue making payments until the note is paid off. If the note payer stops making payments, it can be expensive for the note buyer to take back the property, and even worse if the property has been left in poor condition.


If you own a note on a property in Arizona and want to sell all or part of it, make sure that the mortgage note buyer is credible and experienced. Seascape Capital is a nationwide note buyer and one of the best known note buyers in both Arizona and the U.S.A.  Call Seascape Capital today for more information on how to sell your mortgage note at 1-800-634-4697 or fill out our form to sell your note.

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