Buy Local!  We have all heard that saying from town politicians, chambers of commerce, and businesses themselves.  Often, it makes sense because you are helping “neighbors” and increasing the town’s tax base.  You may have to pay a few dollars more, but are getting better quality or at least a sense of doing the right thing.  My family has done that too for certain foods and products.

Of course, most products that you and I buy day-to-day come from national or even international companies.  Those firms often provide the best value due to their economies of scale and it is easy to get information their products.

When selling a mortgage note, talking with a national note buyer is advantageous because he or she can generally give you the best price for your real estate note and provide the highest level of expertise.  A national note buyer is more likely to have the experience, financial backing, and processes to make selling your note a more enjoyable and faster experience.

Of course, like in any profession, some national note buyers are better than others.  An excellent national note buyer will be competent, experienced, licensed, accredited highly by the Better Business Bureau, and be someone that you feel you can trust.  Avoid newbie note buyers and investors who promise you a high price for your note but do not meet the above criteria.