Laura A.

I wanted to thank you so much for the time and effort it took to sell my notes after I lost all the files for them. I felt that your price was generous and you honored our agreement, although there were quite a few challenges along the way, as we rounded up the necessary documents. I appreciated the quality buyers you found; I think they will treat my people with fairness and kindness. I think you sold the notes for a higher price than I would have been able to, because of your professional presence and experience. I felt that I could trust you from the first, and you proved me right. You did everything you said you would and it was just a great adventure to work with you. I look forward to selling the next note and I hope we can stay in touch so I can learn how to assemble the right documents as the note is curing. Please let me know when it's time to sell! I have friends and family who would like to sell their notes too. You'll be hearing from all of us.What an outstanding experience. Thank you so much!