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Boneheads in High Places

Disgusting, sickening, repugnant, and demoralizing are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think about the actions of our politicians.  They, together with Wall Street bankers and assorted other miscreants, caused the economic and real estate collapse, yet show no ability or inclination to fix it. A couple of glaring examples of their ineptitude presented themselves this week.  Before we get into them, be aware that I am not making political statements toward or against either party, as both Republicans and Democrats share the blame. According to, President Obama said on Wednesday that his administration Read More

Not Partying Like its 1999

Are you better off today financially than you were three years ago?  Five years ago?  Twelve years ago?  For a large portion of Americans, the answers are no, no, and no. The listless stock market, crashing real estate, rising household debt, and increased unemployment have sent combined sucker punches into the gut of the U.S. economy.  The country is staggering around trying to find its way, while the politicians ineptly put the finishing touches on a collapse.  Of course, a full economic collapse is not a certainty and perhaps is not even probable, but better leadership at the top will Read More

Is it Time to Buy a House?

Last Saturday, The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article suggesting that this is a good time to buy a house.  The article was called “Why It’s Time to buy”, and was written by Ruth Simon and Jessica Silver-Greenberg.  While the  article was well-written and made some good points, I must disagree with their conclusions.  I counsel my clients and friends not to buy a house or any other type of property now unless they can get a fantastic deal.  As a mortgage note buyer for many years, I keep close tabs on the real estate market and the general Read More