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Mortgage Buyer – A Vacation from Politics

Ah, the sights and sounds of nature!  We got to experience it all last week during a family vacation to Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, as I got a break from my mortgage buyer job.  Many years ago, pre-kids and pre-wife, some friends and I did an 8-day backpacking trip through Kings Canyon, of which I still have fond memories.  This time, there were no backpacks or worries about bears and local wildlife, as we were often safely ensconced in the friendly confines of our car or a motel room.  We spent a portion of every day on the Read More

The Boy Scout Laws vs. Lawmakers’ Laws

Tomorrow night, my kids will return home from a week-long Boy Scout summer camp.  I’ve missed them (some of the time), though I have enjoyed the increased quiet and better productivity both for my job and for household maintenance.  The boys will come home tired and dirty, and regale us with stories of games, merit badges, new friendships, and whatever else crosses their minds. The next morning, I’ll open the newspaper and read about economics, politics, real estate, and similar realities.  As one of the nation’s top mortgage note buyers, I spend a great deal of time keeping abreast of Read More

Why can’t politicians be more like Boy Scouts?

Over the weekend, my two sons and I went backpacking in the mountains with their Boy Scout troop.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a great time, even though some of the climbs were difficult for them. On any trip, the people that you’re with can make a big difference in your level of enjoyment.  Boy Scouts and their leaders tend to have higher character standards and values than your average Joe (in my opinion), and it is fun to see the boys learn, mature, and grow. Now that I’m back in the office, I started to wonder Read More