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Perils of Being an Optimist — Real estate note buyer

Some people seem to always be sunny optimists.  Up to a point, this is a good thing.  Inventions aren’t invented, businesses aren’t created, and relationships aren’t begun unless someone believes in them and champions them.  Investors need to believe in a company prior to purchasing their stock.  As a real estate note buyer, I have

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Your Government at Work — Note investor

The government and media shell games on public employees, debt, and evaluation of past programs continue.  Over the past couple of years, we have increasingly been reading about wide scale reduction of public employees in the press.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claims that state and local governments shed 221,000 jobs between December 2007

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Should You Invest in a House or Mortgage Note?

Since early 2005, I have advised friends, colleagues, and anyone else who would listen not to buy real estate.  While I make no claims to uncommon brilliance or being able to foretell the future, I am somewhat of an information junkie.  When I looked past all of the happy-talk headlines and examined the real data,

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More Wasteful Government Spending — Mortgage buyer

QUICK ECONOMIC SUMMARY OF THE PAST WEEK 22.5% of all U.S. homes (11 million properties) are still underwater (9/13/11 Housing Wire) Mortgage servicers started the foreclosure process on 78,800 properties in August.  This is a 33% jump from July, but 18% below last August, just before the robo-signing scandal hit (9/14/11 Housing Wire) The income

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All that Glitters — Mortgage Notes

ECONOMIC HIGHLIGHTS OVER THE PAST WEEK GDP growth in the second quarter was a measly 1.0%, only slightly better than the 0.4% of the first quarter (August 26 MarketWatch) Consumer confidence plunged but spending was up in July by 0.8% (August 30 Wall St. Journal) The unemployment rate is expected to stay above 8% through

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Looking for Direction — Deed of trust note buyer

Did you know that regional presidents of the Federal Reserve sometimes say intelligent things with which a common-sense person can agree?  It’s true, and more Fed presidents are finally speaking out against at least some of the Fed’s policies.  Earlier this week, two Fed governors criticized the Fed announcement that they would keep rock-bottom interest

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Buying mortgage notes as U.S. credit rating slip sliding away

Over the past 6-12 months, the economies of the West have received more negative attention and experienced more issues than at nearly time in history.  The countries being hit in Europe just keep getting bigger, as it started with Iceland, then went to Portugal, Greece, and Ireland, and now is affecting Spain, Italy, and even

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Mortgage Note Buyers – Closing the Wealth Gap

As a person who considers himself to be a moderate but a fiscal conservative, I am generally against tax increases.  My observations over the years have shown that politicians use higher taxes to cover themselves when they just want to waste more taxpayer money rather than pay for meaningful programs.  Nearly every day, you can

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Boneheads in High Places

Disgusting, sickening, repugnant, and demoralizing are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think about the actions of our politicians.  They, together with Wall Street bankers and assorted other miscreants, caused the economic and real estate collapse, yet show no ability or inclination to fix it. A couple of glaring examples

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How to Invest in Real Estate Notes – Part 4 of 4

If you have not already read the previous three parts of this article, you can find them here: How to Invest in Real Estate Notes — Part 1 How to Invest in Real Estate Notes — Part 2 How to Invest in Real Estate Notes — Part 3 Now we come to the final stage

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