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Taxing Times — California mortgage note buyer

Housing continues to get dragged down deeper into the muck with each passing month.  Housing starts, sales of existing homes, and home prices are all headed in the same direction – DOWN.  This is despite interest rates regularly reaching historical lows and the government (meaning you and me, the taxpayers) underwriting or assuming the credit

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A Massive Financial Cliff-California mortgage buyer

On New Year’s Eve this coming December, there are extra reasons for you to imbibe heavily to escape reality.  Fed head honcho Bernanke tells us (correctly, for once) that the U.S. economy could fall over a “massive financial cliff” on January 1, 2013.  That day marks the end of the Bush-era tax cuts and the

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Settling for Nothing — Cash flow note buyer

The front page of this morning’s Wall St. Journal announced that “the $25 billion settlement with banks over alleged foreclosure abuses will provide financial relief to an estimated one million at-risk borrowers, raising new hopes for an economy still hurting from the mortgage bust.”  Uh … no, on most all of that statement. There is

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The Worst Kind of Rescuer — Note investor

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, politicians and bureaucrats trying to rescue it have consistently done nothing but fall over their own feet.  We would be hard pressed to point to a single true success story among the multitude of programs and regulations that have been proffered during the last five years.  All the

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Shattering the American Dream — Buyer mortgage note

According to our political leaders and certain well-placed economists, the U.S. economy is recovering well from the recession.  If only the country could get the housing market back on track, then everything would be just dandy.  In my view, while the housing downfall heavily contributed to the financial crisis that started about four years ago,

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Paying the Piper — Mortgage note investor

Political silliness just keeps reaching new lows.  The latest idiocy revolves around the political fighting over whether to raise the payroll tax rate back to 6.2%, keep it at the reduced 4.2% reduced rate for two months, or maintain it at that 4.2% rate for the next 12 months.  This discussion occurs with only the

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Blame it on Europe — Trust deed buyer

What a week!  Two of the more interesting stories were Jon Corzine accidentally misplacing $1.2 billion and the escalation of the Euro crisis. First, let’s talk about Corzine.  This guy has been a Wall Street CEO (twice), a U.S. Senator, and a governor – isn’t that the trifecta of EVIL?  He did not accidentally lose

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Going broke … slowly — Note buyer

On the surface, the U.S. economy seems to be turning around.  Many of the TV talking heads say so!  Heck, the U.S. added 120,000 jobs in November, bringing the unemployment rate down to 8.6%.  On top of that, retail sales from the Thanksgiving weekend were stronger than expected and manufacturing in the U.S. has been

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Good Money After Bad — Trust deed buyer

Yeah, we’re saved!  Many economists and more than a few politicians are assuring us that the U.S. is entering a recovery phase (again), with little chance for a double-dip recession.  One reason is that claims for unemployment benefits dropped to their lowest level in seven months to a seasonally adjusted rate of 388,000 people.  Never

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Union Armies — Mortgage note broker

A story in my local newspaper this week demonstrated the absurdity of some special interest groups – notably, public education unions.  Teachers at the California State University system have good pay, excellent health benefits, a great retirement system, and job security far in excess of most anybody in the private or public sector.  So, it

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