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Paying the Piper — Mortgage note investor

Political silliness just keeps reaching new lows.  The latest idiocy revolves around the political fighting over whether to raise the payroll tax rate back to 6.2%, keep it at the reduced 4.2% reduced rate for two months, or maintain it at that 4.2% rate for the next 12 months.  This discussion occurs with only the

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Blame it on Europe — Trust deed buyer

What a week!  Two of the more interesting stories were Jon Corzine accidentally misplacing $1.2 billion and the escalation of the Euro crisis. First, let’s talk about Corzine.  This guy has been a Wall Street CEO (twice), a U.S. Senator, and a governor – isn’t that the trifecta of EVIL?  He did not accidentally lose

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Going broke … slowly — Note buyer

On the surface, the U.S. economy seems to be turning around.  Many of the TV talking heads say so!  Heck, the U.S. added 120,000 jobs in November, bringing the unemployment rate down to 8.6%.  On top of that, retail sales from the Thanksgiving weekend were stronger than expected and manufacturing in the U.S. has been

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Good Money After Bad — Trust deed buyer

Yeah, we’re saved!  Many economists and more than a few politicians are assuring us that the U.S. is entering a recovery phase (again), with little chance for a double-dip recession.  One reason is that claims for unemployment benefits dropped to their lowest level in seven months to a seasonally adjusted rate of 388,000 people.  Never

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Union Armies — Mortgage note broker

A story in my local newspaper this week demonstrated the absurdity of some special interest groups – notably, public education unions.  Teachers at the California State University system have good pay, excellent health benefits, a great retirement system, and job security far in excess of most anybody in the private or public sector.  So, it

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Perils of Being an Optimist — Real estate note buyer

Some people seem to always be sunny optimists.  Up to a point, this is a good thing.  Inventions aren’t invented, businesses aren’t created, and relationships aren’t begun unless someone believes in them and champions them.  Investors need to believe in a company prior to purchasing their stock.  As a real estate note buyer, I have

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Your Government at Work — Note investor

The government and media shell games on public employees, debt, and evaluation of past programs continue.  Over the past couple of years, we have increasingly been reading about wide scale reduction of public employees in the press.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) claims that state and local governments shed 221,000 jobs between December 2007

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Should You Invest in a House or Mortgage Note?

Since early 2005, I have advised friends, colleagues, and anyone else who would listen not to buy real estate.  While I make no claims to uncommon brilliance or being able to foretell the future, I am somewhat of an information junkie.  When I looked past all of the happy-talk headlines and examined the real data,

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More Wasteful Government Spending — Mortgage buyer

QUICK ECONOMIC SUMMARY OF THE PAST WEEK 22.5% of all U.S. homes (11 million properties) are still underwater (9/13/11 Housing Wire) Mortgage servicers started the foreclosure process on 78,800 properties in August.  This is a 33% jump from July, but 18% below last August, just before the robo-signing scandal hit (9/14/11 Housing Wire) The income

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All that Glitters — Mortgage Notes

ECONOMIC HIGHLIGHTS OVER THE PAST WEEK GDP growth in the second quarter was a measly 1.0%, only slightly better than the 0.4% of the first quarter (August 26 MarketWatch) Consumer confidence plunged but spending was up in July by 0.8% (August 30 Wall St. Journal) The unemployment rate is expected to stay above 8% through

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