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Housing Feels Less Homely

The housing market recovery has been in the news a lot lately.  The low inventory of homes, rock-bottom interest rates, and renewed confidence of investors has brought prices up in many U.S. markets.  In some cities, bidding wars have erupted that allowed houses to be sold for significantly higher than their list prices.  A number

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Sell mortgage — Bubbling Student Loans

Those of you who have been readers of this blog for a while may recall my June 10, 2011 article about the student loan bubble, which included details about the high unemployment rate among recent college graduates and the debacle of defaulted loans to students at for-profit colleges.  Have things changed in the last 14

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Mortgage Purchaser — The Sad State of the States

In December of 2010, banking analyst Meredith Whitney predicted a coming wave of defaults by municipalities totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.  Her forecast of urgent problems did not come to pass, so municipal bonds recovered during 2011.  There have been some bankruptcy filings, including several high-profile ones by three California cities over the past

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How to Sell Mortgages — The Recessionary Gene

As our national and global economies continue to be battered by nasty headwinds, it is useful to step back and gauge the place in which our economy rests.  Is the economy showing real growth, are we in a full recession, or somewhere in between?  In my mind, we can clearly cross out the first option. 

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Commercial note buyer — A Lack of Certainty

Uncertainty rules the land – in the U.S., in Asia, and most especially, throughout Europe.  Anyone who has followed government bumbling over the last few years knows national policymakers will continue to make the wrong economic decisions, but we don’t know which wrong policies they will implement.  The Fed, which just this week extended “Operation Twist”

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Taxing Times — California mortgage note buyer

Housing continues to get dragged down deeper into the muck with each passing month.  Housing starts, sales of existing homes, and home prices are all headed in the same direction – DOWN.  This is despite interest rates regularly reaching historical lows and the government (meaning you and me, the taxpayers) underwriting or assuming the credit

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A Massive Financial Cliff-California mortgage buyer

On New Year’s Eve this coming December, there are extra reasons for you to imbibe heavily to escape reality.  Fed head honcho Bernanke tells us (correctly, for once) that the U.S. economy could fall over a “massive financial cliff” on January 1, 2013.  That day marks the end of the Bush-era tax cuts and the

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Settling for Nothing — Cash flow note buyer

The front page of this morning’s Wall St. Journal announced that “the $25 billion settlement with banks over alleged foreclosure abuses will provide financial relief to an estimated one million at-risk borrowers, raising new hopes for an economy still hurting from the mortgage bust.”  Uh … no, on most all of that statement. There is

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The Worst Kind of Rescuer — Note investor

Since the beginning of the financial crisis, politicians and bureaucrats trying to rescue it have consistently done nothing but fall over their own feet.  We would be hard pressed to point to a single true success story among the multitude of programs and regulations that have been proffered during the last five years.  All the

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Shattering the American Dream — Buyer mortgage note

According to our political leaders and certain well-placed economists, the U.S. economy is recovering well from the recession.  If only the country could get the housing market back on track, then everything would be just dandy.  In my view, while the housing downfall heavily contributed to the financial crisis that started about four years ago,

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