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Should I Keep or Sell My Mortgage Note?

Evaluating whether or not to keep your mortgage note can be a difficult decision. Alan Noblitt from Seascape Capital walks you through some things to consider when making the choice.

Where Do Home Prices Go Next

Over the past five years, much of the home buying and propping up of home prices in the U.S. has been driven by large institutional investors.  Hedge funds, real estate investment trusts, private equity firms, and similar institutional investors have spent more than $20 billion in just the last two years to buy about 200,000 rental homes.  These investors, sometimes along with note buyers, realtors, and others in the industry, have been handsomely rewarded for their efforts. However, many of these large investors have significantly scaled back purchases as of late.  For example, Blackstone Group was spending $100 million a Read More

Fundamentally Wrong

“I freed a thousand slaves; I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”   Harriett Tubman, American abolitionist What would you do if you were owed $21 trillion?  Is that a number that most of can even wrap our arms around when we see all of those zeroes at the end?  Yet that is the amount that the Congressional Budget Office states will be the U.S. public debt in 2024 under current policies.  Of course, given that the current national debt is already at $17.3 trillion, and that there will undoubtedly be some combination of Read More

The Price of Ignorance

Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil. Should that be the new slogan of the U.S. general public, as we allow our politicians to rip apart the economy of our country? While we know that most politicians ignore reality, history, and basic math, the American public seems to do much of the same. When it comes to Congress and a select group of wealthy influencers, the reason for them preferring ignorance among the masses is for wealth and power. With the public, I would contend that the main reason is mental laziness, and that applies across regions, Read More

A Lousy Real Estate Investment

Will some people never learn?  Everyone should recall the collapse of the mortgage-backed securities market, as real estate prices plunged just a few short years ago.  Belatedly, investors found out that declining home values mixed with homeowners who could never truly afford to buy a house made for lousy investments.  The investors were left holding the bag while Wall Street executives reaped the rewards from making questionable transactions and acting in ways that most of us would consider unethical.  Even the rating agencies made money as they labeled horrible deals as grade A. Now comes part two of bad real Read More